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Plagiocephaly and Craniosynostosis:

Plagiocephaly is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical head shape in infants, often caused by external pressures on the baby’s skull.

Plagiocephaly and Craniosynostosis is a more severe condition where one or more cranial sutures fuse prematurely, leading to abnormal skull growth and potential brain development issues.

Cranial Technologies specializes in providing treatment options for both plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis, including cranial orthotic helmets and surgical support.

DOC Band®:

DOC Band®:The DOC Band® (Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty) is a custom-made cranial orthotic helmet developed by Cranial Technologies.

It is designed to gently reshape the baby’s head by applying constant and controlled pressure to specific areas of the skull.

The DOC Band® is primarily used in the treatment of plagiocephaly, and it helps guide the growth of the head toward a more symmetrical shape.

Cranial Remolding Helmets:

Cranial remolding helmets, like the DOC Band®, are specialized helmets designed to treat plagiocephaly and other skull-shape abnormalities in infants.

These helmets are custom-fitted to each baby’s head and are typically worn for several months to guide proper skull growth.

They are non-invasive and are considered a conservative treatment option before considering surgery in certain cases.

Treatment Method Using Cranial Technologies:

The first stage in the therapy process at Cranial Technologies is the assessment and diagnosis of the infant’s head shape by a medical practitioner.

If the infant is found to have plagiocephaly or craniosynostosis, a specialized cranial orthotic helmet like the DOC Band® may be advised.

The helmet will need to be adjusted as the baby’s head shape develops at routine follow-up appointments to check on development and make any necessary modifications.

Working together with medical professionals:

Cranial Technologies collaborates closely with pediatricians, pediatric neurosurgeons, and other medical professionals to ensure that each patient receives a thorough and individualized course of therapy.

Through the partnership, the infant will receive the proper care, whether that be through helmet therapy or, in more extreme circumstances, surgical intervention.

Prevention and Education for Plagiocephaly:

Prevention and Education for Plagiocephaly:

Cranial Technologies might be implicated in preventing plagiocephaly in addition to offering therapy options.

They could provide parents and other caregivers with instructional materials on optimal baby positioning for sleep, tummy time exercises, and other methods to reduce the incidence of plagiocephaly.

The team at Cranial Technologies and areas of expertise


Orthotists, pediatricians, and other medical professionals with knowledge of cranial disorders are likely to be part of the team of specialists at Cranial Technologies.

Their combined expertise helps to create effective treatment regimens that are specifically customized to the needs of each patient.

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories:

Parent and caregiver success stories and testimonials whose infants have received therapy with Cranial Technologies’ products may be shared.
These accounts frequently stress the beneficial effects of cranial orthotic therapy on enhancing newborns’ head shape and general development.
Insurance Protection and Financial Support

Cranial Technologies may help families understand how their insurance plans support cranial care.
They may collaborate with insurance companies to guarantee access to vital therapies or provide resources and advice on how to get financial assistance.
The reach of Cranial Technologies Worldwide:

Information on the geographic distribution of Cranial Technologies and the services they offer.
information on how families from various locations can utilize their services.

Additional Cranial Disorders and Treatments

While their main areas of expertise are plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis, Cranial Technologies may also be involved in treating other cranial diseases.
This may include, among other things, brachycephaly (flattened rear of the head) and scaphocephaly (long, narrow head shape).
Studies and Research Partnerships:

In order to carry out investigations and clinical trials pertaining to cranial disorders and treatment outcomes, Cranial Technologies may work in conjunction with research organizations.
These collaborations help to advance cranial care research and enhance therapeutic strategies.

Healthcare Professionals Continuing Education:

Healthcare Professionals Continuing Education:

For healthcare professionals interested in learning more about cranial disorders and treatments, Cranial Technologies may offer educational opportunities and information.
To improve knowledge and skills in this specialist subject, this may comprise workshops, webinars, and online courses.



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